Shabbat in the Playroom

Shabbat in the Playroom Written by Galia Sabbag
Illustrated by Erin Taylor


Join Shira for Shabbat in the Playroom as she celebrates her own Shabbat!

Shira’s stories are sprinkled with Hebrew words, songs, greetings and blessings. These stories will appeal to children in Jewish preschools, Sunday school or Jewish day schools and of course, in every Jewish home.


ISBN: 978-161979638-6
Format: Ebook
Ages: 6-8
File Size: 2 MB

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DCIM100MEDIAGalia Sabbag was born in Israel and grew up in Tel Aviv. After her service in the IDF, she settled in Atlanta, Georgia and became a Hebrew teacher at The Davis Academy.

During her many years of teaching, she came across countless examples of children growing…Read More

Shira’s Illustrator

Erin photoErin Taylor creates books for children out of a love of adventure and imagination. Her work is inspired by the fantasy worlds that exist in every child’s mind. She has been published several times internationally, with books in the USA, Korea, Greece and elsewhere. She enjoys working with her husband Adam Taylor, who is also an illustrator. Find more about Erin at!


“The first of Ms. Sabbag’s “Shira” series lays the foundation for a truly delightful new heroine in the longstanding tradition of Jewish storytelling. Young Shira is creative, diligent, spiritual, curious, and imaginative. Her family, like so many families I know, is struggling to find balance in their lives and make room for the richness of Judaism. “Shabbat in the Playroom” inspires parents to listen closely to their children, to be open to new ways of bringing meaning into our lives, and also helps children learn Hebrew and the proper order of the Shabbat Blessings. Illustrated by Erin Taylor, Shira’s world is full of color and sweet details such as her LEGO Shabbat candles. “Shabbat in the Playroom” is worth reading now though eventually it might arrive at your doorstep courtesy of PJ Library once the right people get their hands on it.”

~ Rabbi Micah Lapidus, Davis Academy

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